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Getting Started


To get started, simply click next at the bottom of the page. Each step, as listed below, will unlock as you progress through the module. 


Step 1 - Get the first impression

Step 2 - Check the current lighting

Step 3 - Check state of installation

Step 4 - Picture your customer

Step 5 - Show the difference

Step 6 - Dedicated application

Step 7 - Tune your offer with TCO


At the end of the training, don't forget to fill in your details to receive your certificate of completion.


Bakery icon

What is important to remember

  • Who doesn’t love bread? Stepping into a bakery means stepping into a world of warmth, comfort and goodness - with lighting to match. The smell of fresh bread always brings a smile to people’s faces.
  • In a bakery, what matters is bringing out all the subtle colors and textures of the different kinds of bread on display.

  • In retail, what needs to stand out requires accentuation. Because the eye will always be drawn to the higher brightness, accent lighting should be positioned to create contrast of brightness between the display and its surrounding.
  • Customers should be able to “see” the taste of the bread, and experience a cozy atmosphere due to the warm lighting color.

Step 1: Get the first impression


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