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Lighting in


ABT Car parking - Level 2

Step 2.2: Check the current lighting


Visual or Fixture specification check:



Unified Glare Rate UGR ≤ 22




Light uniformity Uo = 0.4



Color rendering Ra ≥ 80
check the current light 1

Light uniformity

When the uniformity (Uo) is < 0.4 (minimum) customers experience shadows and contrasts. This can cause dark spots on walls and vitrine, having difficulty recognizing the products.
check the current light1

Glare & reflections

Products behind the vitrine are difficult to recognize due to daylight reflections. The right position of the lighting can reduce the reflections. When unified glare rating (UGR) of luminaire is >22(maximum) customers experience the lighting as uncomfortable. This can also cause disturbing reflections on the glass.

Step 3: Check state of installation


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