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Making a difference for the underserved

Our Philips Lighting Foundation supports projects around the world to bring light to the underserved. I have been most inspired by some of my visits to some of our projects. The Barefoot mamas being one of the examples where women come from the remotest of areas with very limited resources.

But when they get trained at Barefoot college to put together their own solar lamp and go back to light up their community, they are empowered and confident towards progress.


I visited a village in Kenya, where  I was totally shocked to hear that the women suffered from urinary problems because they are not able to use the toilet or go to out as it was dark and not safe, so they would hold until morning. Light in a way provides life and not only education, safety and progress.  

I am so proud and honored that Philips Lighting is not only committed to the cause of lighting up the underserved communities but also provides an opportunity to our employees to volunteer. We have a great network of CSR champions around the world, initiating activities to engage employees in our projects. You can also be part of this to help us lighten lives. Visit CSR community for more information.

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