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Great Lighting ideas from IMC Weekendschool (Netherlands)

As part of our Greater Together Program I've joined one of the three sessions Philips Lighting Netherlands has set-up for IMC Weekendschool. IMC Weekend School, founded in 1998, introduces children aged 10 to 14 from disadvantaged neighborhoods and often of migration background to the world of work through passionate professionals acting as volunteers. It has 10 branches throughout the Netherlands. It is expanding globally (Brussels, Hong Kong).

Last Sunday was the second Lighting class that I joined as volunteer together with @Wendela Vuurberg-Gillissen​ @Conny Degen @Valerie Violidis-van de Laar @Andre Plucker @Aad Noordijk @Dirk Cassiers @Herman van Rijn @Rene van Aarle @Jelle Spelt and last but not least @Huon van de Laarschot who prepared the great set of teaching material we've used.

​​A week earlier other colleagues introduced the class on the basics of light and lighting and learned the kids for example the difference between old and new (LED) lighting, color temperature etc.
Next week the class will pay a visit to the Philips museum in Eindhoven.

I'm looking back on a great way to spend my Sunday for Philips Lighting, getting in contact with other Lighting colleagues, also learning myself a lot of new things on Lighting and most importantly of course excite these kids about our business and learn them what the extraordinary potential of light is and how they can brighter their own live. In teams the kids came up with some great ideas on applying light in there own day-to-day live at school, at home, on their way from and to school and when they hang out on a city square or in a park.

I definitely recommend all of you to join this program as I expect that Philips Lighting Netherlands will continue joining the IMC Weekendschool.
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