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Let there be light: new approach to youth solar training in developing countries

Solar energy has several, well-known advantages. Its huge potential and the recent rush of clean technologies ignited a boom around PV panels everywhere, including developing countries. However, contrary to what most think it is not only the high prices, but the failure of an adequate transfer of technologies, a lack of education, which has slowed down the adoption of solar panels in developing countries. Low quality and improper installations have led to a belief that PV do not work or that they are not good enough, depriving these countries of a great opportunity to empower themselves energetically.

Philips Lighting foundation has started an initiative to fight energy inequality through education, will tackle the barriers of affordability availability and usability that have halted the PV panel deployment. They have partnered up with LEDsafari, to create the technical, practical and business capacities needed to adopt and unleash the PV potential. With the creation of training for trainers module on solar PVs, these will be properly installed and used leading to a cheap, clean, secure and reliable source of energy. This training module will increase the Energy Security of disconnected villages or people improving their quality of life considerably, opening possibilities and creating new opportunities for an actual sustainable future.

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