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Lighting lives

Sustainable lighting

In countless communities across Africa, India, Asia and Latin America, electric light is inaccessible or simply unaffordable. The strategic pillar Lighting Lives drives our focus on extending the day for these communities, with help from sustainable lighting.


When families no longer have to burn dangerous fuels for illumination, they can save money and enjoy time together safely. Social and community activity becomes possible, and is enhanced by the sense of safety and security that light brings. Children can study in the evenings, getting more out of their education. Businesses can stay open longer, and communities can find new ways to develop.

The systems we donate go far beyond lighting small areas. They include:
• Solar-powered Community Light Centers
• Solar-powered street and road lighting
• Solar home systems
• Solar-powered lighting for schools, clinics, and community centers.

This technology produces safe, sustainable light, creating new opportunities for
recreation, business, and healthcare. By providing these systems and teaching
locals to maintain them, we empower communities to grow and develop.

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