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Humanitarian Lighting

When a humanitarian crisis strikes, light plays a critical role in delivering emergency assistance. Without adequate illumination, aid workers cannot deliver care or supplies after nightfall. And without clear visibility for engineers and technicians, damaged resources like water supplies or power networks cannot be repaired.
boat on river
In these situations, light doesn’t just assist relief efforts – it saves lives. By supplying technology and supporting lighting infrastructure for humanitarian projects, we help aid workers and engineers to see clearly. Our solar-powered light also takes the strain off electrical generators, so energy can be used for other important purposes.

We carry out these initiatives with pilot projects designed around specific situations, like disaster relief or refugee care. Within these pilot projects, lighting solutions are tested for effectiveness so they can be showcased and scaled for future applications. We also provide material and logistical assistance to disaster- affected communities, ensuring access to crucial resources. By contributing our technology and expertise, we help to reduce needless suffering.
Registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI), RSIN number 857684553.
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