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Our focus

As innovation leaders, we have a responsibility to help others. There are 1.1 billion people with no access to electric light at night. Technology has the potential to transform their lives.

We’re taking light beyond illumination by making it a tool for social development. In sharing solar lighting, we’re giving communities better access to education, sanitation and healthcare. And by sharing our expertise in business and technology, we’re also helping people to help themselves.

The Philips Lighting Foundation implements projects across the globe, with light being the point of convergence. Our focus is on four key areas: Lighting lives, Lighting entrepreneurs, Energy conservation and

Lighting lives

In countless communities across Africa, India, Asia and Latin America, electric light is inaccessible or simply unaffordable. The strategic pillar Lighting Lives drives our focus on extending the day for these communities, with help from sustainable lighting.

Lighting entrepreneurs

Better lighting stimulates productivity and entrepreneurship. But Lighting Lives can only have a long-term impact if communities have the skills to operate and maintain the lighting installation provided.

Energy conservation

To build a better future for the younger generations, it’s vital to raise awareness of the importance of energy efficiency in protecting our environment.

Humanitarian lighting

When a humanitarian crisis strikes, light plays a critical role in delivering emergency assistance. Without adequate illumination, aid workers cannot deliver care or supplies after nightfall. And without clear visibility for engineers and technicians, damaged resources like water supplies or power networks cannot be repaired.
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