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Frequently asked questions

Why was the Philips Lighting foundation established?
In its first year as a stand-alone company, Philips Lighting launched a social investment strategy to leverage our lighting technologies and resources to support communities in underserved areas. The Philips Lighting Foundation was incorporated to ensure a consistent and transparent approach, and to support this strategy in the communities where we operate.
How is the foundation governed and by whom?
The Foundation’s Board is responsible for the strategy, policies, performance and operation of the foundation. The Philips Lighting Foundation is managed by the Foundation Director and supported by the foundation operations team. In addition, other Philips Lighting employees may support the foundation on an ad-hoc or part-time basis.
What global issues do you tackle?

The foundation is focused on helping communities with limited access to electric light. As a global lighting leader, we want to correct this imbalance. Working with international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and communities around the world, the foundation is bringing light to places where it’s needed the most. And by sharing our expertise on energy conservation, we are helping to protect our environment. We have four strategic pillars guiding our activities in support of our mission.


Lighting lives – We bring light to communities not connected to the grid or underserved by it.

Lighting entrepreneurs – We support entrepreneurs across the various aspects of the access-to-light value chain, from distribution of lighting to post-delivery/installation maintenance and support.

Humanitarian lighting - We offer material and logistical assistance to communities impacted by humanitarian crises, focusing primarily on providing lighting infrastructure and expertise.

What kind of projects does the foundation fund?
The foundation contributes to projects that fit its four-pillar strategy. It does not support activities with a direct commercial benefit for Philips Lighting. No funding will be provided to individuals or groups not associated with foundation partners.
What is your relationship with Philips Lighting?
Philips Lighting has illuminated lives for over 125 years. The foundation is extending this legacy by empowering and providing lighting for underserved communities across the globe. Philips Lighting donates resources, talent and expertise to the foundation to create meaningful impact with our partners.
What are your main criteria for selecting your partners?
The Philips Lighting Foundation has a range of relationships with NGOs. Each relationship reflects the country-specific operational context. The framework for effective partnerships revolves around capacity-building, advocacy and other measures related to establishing effective partnerships, with a strong focus on access to sustainable lighting. A strict process of due diligence is followed and risk factors are taken into account in the partner selection procedure.
I am a Philips Lighting employee. Can I get involved or submit ideas and proposals?
Employees are invited to apply for funds for projects to be delivered together with an NGO partner within the scope of the strategic pillars. To nominate a project please contact your foundation team via email or via the foundation group to see how you can get involved.
Philips Lighting Foundation
Registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI), RSIN number 857684553.
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