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Where visionaries
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Retail produces all kinds of visionaries. People who can see the potential for change and know how to seize new opportunities, people very much like you.


Turning great ideas into action often requires collaboration though. And that’s where Philips Lighting and our extended team of luminaries comes into play.


By supporting you as a trusted retail, design and technology partner, we can help you bring the next generation of retail to life.

... the retail environment is changing, from a place where we buy to a place where we spend time – a third home.”

Parik Chopra,

Business Segment Leader in Retail

and Hospitality at Philips Lighting

Latest thinking


The world of retail is being transformed faster than ever. Visionaries are imagining new ways to innovate, while lighting moves beyond illumination into the connected IoT world, offering new possibilities.

Retail trends


The habits of shoppers are changing. Consumers are more discerning than ever and better connected through technology. Their expectations of retailers are constantly evolving.

Success stories


Get inspired on your own retail journey. You'll find more and more case studies emerging of successful innovation. They tell the story of a revolution driven by digital connected lighting.

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Indochina Retail Technology
Indochina Retail Technology & Innovation Summit | 9th November 2017, Jella Segers

The Indochina Retail Technology & Innovation Summit is the foremost retail technology focused event a must-attend event for retailers and solutions providers.


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