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The ultimate connected stadium experience 

Total immersion in Madrid

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Smart stadium technology provides unmatched end-to-end fan engagement 

Fan experience and engagement is at the epicenter of Atlético Madrid’s new stadium, the Wanda Metropolatino. The stadium delivers an unprecedented synchronized and immersive stadium experience for the fans - ensuring the memory of the experience will stay with fans long after the event is over and make them eager to return, time and time again.

Throughout the stadium, innovative LED lighting enables synchronized effects in all areas, to create a true entry to exit experience: from the pitch to the carpark and the façade to the hospitality areas. Lighting is also integrated with other infrastructures like audio, screens, and billboards, which takes the immersive stadium experience to the new levels. Integrated infrastructure provides a holistic arena experience that can adapt to various event types, maximising opportunities for different revenue streams in the future.


Lighting effects can adapt to suit the atmosphere or to highlight certain elements, such as accentuating the façade to position the stadium as a city landmark and as a globally recognizable arena. Thanks to the high efficiency achieved through the LED technology, the stadium is estimated to be an average 20-30% more efficient than a similarly sized stadium using conventional lighting, all while making events unforgettable for fans.


Have you thought about what other options, beyond lighting, innovative stadium solutions could deliver? Did you know creating new revenue streams through lighting was a possibility? Get in touch and tell us what you would like to learn more about.



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