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A citizen-driven future

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Collaboration, interaction and openness

Co-creation involves teaming up with all relevant parties, making the most of combined perspectives knowledge and experience. The core principal is all about giving a clear voice to our customers, end-users and other stakeholders throughout the development process to create truly successful smart cities.


The principles of co-creation are coming to life in Eindhoven, where Philips Lighting are launching an innovation project pilot in March 2018. The proposition actively involves several parties: Philips Lighting, Heijmans, the Eindhoven University of Technology, municipal representatives and, crucially, the citizens of Eindhoven.  


"It’s important to create an ecosystem where all parties are invited to bring their expertise, and also to benefit from this cooperation," explains Dr. Rianne Valkenburg of Eindhoven University of Technology. "In Eindhoven, we're creating an ecosystem – a living entity – involving parties like Philips Lighting and Heijmans, and smaller companies and startups – everyone is invited. The municipality is involved, as are we, and of course the citizens, because they are the experts on their own needs."

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Rianne Valkenburg

Technology is not the aim – it’s an enabler to achieve other things. You have to talk to people to see what they really want, and then consider how technologies can help you deliver.”


Dr. Rianne Valkenburg,

Eindhoven University of Technology

Desired future scenarios

Eindhoven University of Technology worked with citizens to create a 'desired future scenario' – a vision of Eindhoven in 2030. The next question was how the University could work towards that desired future scenario with all stakeholders to meet the citizens wants and needs, using both the technologies that are available now, and the technologies that will become available in the future.  


It's critical that open platforms are used to build towards desired future scenarios. The lighting infrastructure is a great example of such a platform: “The lighting infrastructure in smart cities actually becomes a platform: we can do great things with it now, but we can also continuously develop it by adding new sensors and new applications," explains Elke den Ouden, a researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology. "In the future, citizens’ needs will inspire new solutions, which we can implement on the same platform.”

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Elke van Ouden

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Find out how co-creation is bringing together the desires of the city and those of its citizens.



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