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Cardiff invests in its smart future

Providing a safe smart city

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Cardiff is installing smart systems that will grow and adapt as the city faces its future

The Welsh capital has over 340,000 residents and welcomes over 1 million visitors annually.  In migrating it's city lighting to Philips CityTouch, the Council not only benefits from over 50% energy saving by switching to LED, it also enables management of over 14,000 luminaires via a centralized dashboard. 


“Our connected street lighting will contribute to a safer environment for the citizens of Cardiff and will enable the city to achieve savings in energy and gain operational efficiencies. It provides a scalable and flexible digital infrastructure which gives the city options for the future, such as inputting data into smart city dashboards or adding sensors that could, for example, monitor noise or traffic,” said Jacques Letzelter, Head of Public Lighting for Philips Lighting. “It’s fitting that Cardiff represents the 1,000th project to use our Philips CityTouch streetlighting management system: a city and a technology shaping the future.” 

Cardiff graphic

We were confident that Philips Lighting would provide an open platform that is scalable and would give us flexibility for the future.”


Chris Jones,

Lead Officer Electrical, Cardiff City Council

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Cardiff is prepared for the future.



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