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What mayors view on what a smart city is

The value of IoT in smart cities

Mayors see the potential of smart city infrastructure


Increasingly, city officials are recognizing the value of technology in making cities more efficient, livable, and smart.


At the 84th annual US Conference of Mayors, which took place in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, at the end of June 2016, mayors of leading US cities discussed the challenges, impacts, opportunities, and benefits of data-driven smart city applications.


Watch this video to find out what the mayors of Los Angeles, California; Racine, Wisconsin; Kansas City, Missouri; and Columbia, South Carolina, are saying about how smart city innovations are breaking down silos and driving prosperity for both citizens and businesses.

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Mayors Video

It’s about being connected
and being responsive
 to our citizens." 

Stephen K. Benjamin

Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina

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Learn about the value of the Internet of Things in smart cities.
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