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Design trends are shaping the future of cities

Design future smart cities

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How design trends are shaping future city development


“We live and breathe light,” says Head of Design at Philips Lighting, Pierre Yves Panis, in the first moments of this presentation on the latest design trends shaping the lighting industry and the industries of customers around the world. How has our intimate relationship with light evolved and how can designers create products and services that mesh with human behavior, aid in solving our problems, and live up to current societal trends? Panis is joined by Guy Perry – architect, urban designer and developer – who shares his experiences researching cities, the data he has gathered, and the city's impact on people’s well-being.

Interview Pierre Yves Panis, Head of Design, Philips Lighting Eindhoven 2015

Guy Perry: “We must rethink our cities to be places that are based on human metrics.”

Guy Perry,

Architect, Urban designer and Developer



Watch the video for more on how trends are shaping future cities.

Watch the video



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