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2030: a view of life in a future city

Glimpse the future city

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What is the potential of a smart city in the year 2030?


How might a future smart city look? With the urban population growing, it is predicted that 60% of people will be living in cities by ther year 2030. The changing urban landscape means that citizens will use new ways to access information and services. Because of its ubiquitousness, public lighting plays a unique role. Not only a source of illumination, connected lighting can participate in the Internet of Things to collect and transfer data in order to provide data-driven insights about city operations. Our citizen-centric view of 2030 illustrates the need for connectivity and sustainabilitiy, while ensuring a high quality of life for people.

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Connected street light brings data between millions of devices. Autonomous vehicles navigate road safely thanks to sensors and street light that scan the road and transmit information”

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Take a look at this infographic of what life might be like in 2030.



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