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Energy efficiency

Climate Change

Lighting accounts for 19% of global electricity production, so a global switch to the latest LED and connected lighting solutions would provide an average of 40% energy savings and, therefore, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, solar LEDs and a shift to renewables can further reduce global CO2 emissions. In collaboration with customers, governments, civil society and academia, we’re actively championing the accelerated adoption of energy-efficient lighting. In addition to significant energy savings, we believe LED lighting solutions will help create better environments for living, working and playing.
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Despite a 35% increase in light points by 2030 (in comparison to 2006) LED lighting can deliver:

Global LED Lighting Energy Savings Potential  

Euro Billion
Mln tons of CO2
Nr of power stations (@2 TWh/yr)

Environmental Benefits


We invest heavily in the development of green technologies and we’re leading a global switch to LED lighting. We use Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to determine a product’s overall environmental improvement. One such example is the LCA for the Ledline system. Its Environmental Product Declaration Type III (EPD type III) is in accordance with ISO 14025 and was independently reviewed by ‘Institut Bau un Umwelt (IBU). Our green products outperform former generations by at least 10% in energy efficiency and are often even more efficient in other Green Focal Areas.

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We’re stimulating sustainability in all aspects of product creation through our EcoDesign process. The six Green Focal Areas of EcoDesign enable us to offer our customers green products; items that can help reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. LED lighting applies EcoDesign principles in several ways such as waste reduction, recyclability, and the use of materials and resources. LEDs use less energy than most other types of lamps, last longer (which means less frequent replacement and, therefore, reduced waste), are mercury-free, and can be housed in special luminaires designed for easier disassembly and recycling.

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