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Sustainability at the
heart of our business

Our 2016 annual report
sustainability results


Sustainability is central to our company vision, strategy and purpose which is why it is a key area of our 2016 annual report. In the report, we have measured our performance against our 2020 goals which we set out in our Brighter Lives, Better World program. Take a look at some highlights from our report or click on the link below to download the full report.

Sustainable revenues


Sustainable revenues increased from EUR 5.3 billion (2015) to EUR 5.5 billion in 2016 or 78% of sales (72% in 2015). 

Global Lighting Challenge


We delivered 371 million LED lamps and luminaires during 2016 and combined with the number from 2015, we have delivered 628 million units – on track for our 2020 goal of 2 billion lamps and luminaires.

Carbon neutral operations

In 2016 CO2 reductions of 21% were achieved year-on-year, resulting in a total of 528 kilotonnes in CO2 emissions


In 2016 we procured 67% of our electricity  from renewable sources


We offest 23% of our own emissions, resulting in a net carbon footprint of 406 kilotonnes

Zero waste to landfill

Total waste amounted to 39.9 kilotonnes – a decrease of 12% compared to 2015

Safe and healthy workplace

The Total Recordable Case (TRC) rate decreased to 0.50 per 100 FTEs compared with 0.66 in 2015


We recorded 156 TRC cases, a year-on-year improvement of 34% versus the 235 cases in 2015

Sustainable supply chain

We achieved a supplier sustainability performance rate of 92% (2015: 90%)


In 2016 the average audit score for our risk suppliers was 91

Our promise
Read about our 2020 sustinability vision
Brighter Lives, Better World

Take a look


Creating value for our stakeholders - natural

We apply 3 different forms of capital in our processes, to deliver a range of outcomes


4,460 TJ of energy used

(67% of electricity came from renewable sources)

1.45 million m3 water used

€3,032 million of materials

CDP supply chain partnership


406 kilotonnes CO2 emitted (net)

40 kilotonnes waste, of which 85% recycled

628 million LED lamps delivered (avoiding 15,000 kilotonnes of CO2)

19 million tonnes CO2 emissions saved by suppliers

Our actions

We are committed to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. We provide lighting which reduces the use of energy and materials.

Creating value for our stakeholders - human

We apply 3 different forms of capital in our processes, to deliver a range of outcomes


34,256 FTE, of which 38% female

2,000+ training courses offered

Injury prevention program rolled-out

103 risk suppliers audited


Employee NPS of 8

121,000+ courses taken (average 3.5 per FTE)

Total Recordable Injury & Illness rate of 0.50

Supplier sustainability performance rate of 92%

Our actions

Our people are game changers who share our desire to make an impact on people’s lives with light. We offer a safe & healthy workplace where diversity & inclusion are fostered. 

Creating value for our stakeholders - intellectual  

We apply 3 different forms of capital in our processes, to deliver a range of outcomes


353 million invested in R&D

(of which 80% was for sustainable innovation)

2,542 FTE dedicated to R&D


16,700 active patent rights

78% of revenue from sustainable products, systems, and services

Our actions

To meet customer’s current and future needs, innovation and design are key elements in our development of new products, systems and services.


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