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Brighter Lives, Better World

Our world is changing. Population growth, increasing urbanization, resource challenges and climate change require a shift to new technologies. Philips Lighting, the global leader in connected LED products, systems and services, takes a leading role to bring better light to the world and to help provide a more sustainable future. We do this by delivering light which is energy efficient, saves resources, and improves lives. At Philips Lighting we walk the talk: we will become carbon neutral by 2020, we are driving our zero waste to landfill program, strive for a zero injury workplace, and are engaging suppliers for a sustainable supply chain.

Our approach



On the download page we publish our sustainability policies and supporting documents.


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Our corporate social responsibility program


Through our social responsibility program, we bring illumination and more to the lives of underserved people in communities around the world. Through light we enable access to education, health and wellbeing, enhance safety and security and facilitate opportunities for financial empowerment or simply improve the quality of life.