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All parts and products produced by suppliers are released officially. PPAP is the methodology of choice for releasing parts and products.


Where applicable, Philips Lighting will take the lead and share with suppliers the customer’s requirements in respect of design, environmental performance, reliability, and quality. The approach to parts release and product release and the amount of evidence required are tailored to the level of risk associated with the part or product.

We help suppliers to build up step by step the different PPAP deliverables required for successful parts release with the help of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). The focus is on delivering documentation as evidence that the supplier has understood Philips’ requirements and that the parts or products can be made reproducibly and without interruption.

The Philips PPAP and APQP approaches are based on the automotive industry standard (AIAG) but have been customized to take account of the diversity of the product portfolio, risks and volumes − across different businesses and segments within Philips Lighting.


Standard templates are available for use by the supplier.