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Luminous #19

Maintaining quality


Three lighting designers discuss their level of involvement and the role that they believe designers can play in ensuring their projects are maintained well.


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Bridge of dreams


Light artist Leo Villareal has given San Francisco’s Bay Bridge a new level of significance through The Bay Lights.


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Don’t miss the boat with BIM


BIM is very much a ‘hot topic’ but how is it being used for lighting design now, and what are its implications for designers in the future?

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Inspiring the next generation


A hands-on IALD workshop in India gave architecture students the opportunity to see how they could marry light with their architectural designs.


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Empowering cities 


The real story of how citizens and businesses are driving smart cities is a research program developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).


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A connected design


The urban city center at the Outdoor Lighting Application Center has been redesigned. An unique experience of the smart city for professional visitors.


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Luminous #19


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This issue of Luminous looks at how light can create unique experiences by working in harmony with darkness. Enjoy interviews with light specialists, see pictures of lighting in action, and learn about fascinating projects involving architecture, entertainment and more.

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Luminous 16, International Lighting Magazine - Autumn 2015/16

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