The spirit of light
Luminous #18

Design innovation and nature  


How can you can optimize your lighting designs by learning from this ongoing natural experiment: biomimicry. Michael Pawlyn architect experiences.

Working at every scale  


FFind out how global architectural office UNStudio and Ben van Berkel architect is using light in projects of all sizes, from small to massive buildings.

Shopping mall & graphic lights  


How can illumination be used to create a unique experience for shoppers? Find out in this in-depth article with feedbacks from shopping mall designers.

Urban lighting

Lighting systems backstage  


Learn about the vital role lighting plays at sporting entertainment events. Lighting designers and technicians explain the how this can be achieved.

Luminous Patterns showroom  


Get ready to witness light being used in ways you’ve never seen before. Highlights on the Luminous Patterns showroom in creative and inspiring ways.

CLUE competition  


Discover the CLUE competition 2016 winners and their most creative projects. The theme this year was Spirit of Light.

Luminous #18


The spirit of light


This issue of Luminous explores how light is being used in architectural projects around the world. Enjoy insightful interviews with top lighting designers, and inspiring case studies that show how modern lighting can transform buildings both inside and out.

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