Advanced lighting design
Luminous #17

Lighting design's future role


A fascinating interview with innovative lighting designers Paul Traynor, Neil Skinner and Tapio Rosenius, who talk about the future of their profession.


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Connections at work


Find out how connected lighting helped a building in Toronto earn a ‘most innovative workspace’ award.


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Light in flight


A look at how airport lighting in Georgia, Japan and the US is improving passenger experience with architectural lighting.


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Urban lighting

Only connect


Find out how the evolution of the ‘Internet of Things’ offers a ready-made network, creating the ‘Internet of illuminated things’.


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Master of candlelight


How do you light paintings that are in themselves all about the quality of light? Discover the works of a forgotten Dutch artist.


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Rethink the night


On the Greek island of Kea, an international lighting design workshop explores the interaction between artificial lighting and darkness.


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Luminous #17


Advanced lighting design


This issue looks at groundbreaking lighting projects happening around the world, and the people behind them. Inside you’ll find insightful conversations about architectural lighting, accounts of breathtaking urban lighting applications, and news about connected lighting innovations.

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