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Working environment


One of the biggest challenges in creating the office space at the Lighting Application Center (LAC) was the sheer amount of technology that had to be packed into the ceiling: all the normal office services plus carousels with different lighting solutions.


Visualisation showing the range of spaces within the office.


The challenge in designing the office space at theLAC was to fit all the various functions into a small space. These included an open-plan office space, a focus room for quiet work, meeting rooms and collaboration rooms. The main office consists of a set of 12 desks and there is also some special furniture in the breakout spaces.

When visitors first see it, the office space will have general lighting on. Then it will cycle through a lot of different lighting effects, so that visitors will be able to see just how different the impact will be. Visitors will have the opportunity to use tablets to change the settings and see the impact for themselves.



Carousels in the ceiling containing the different types of lighting have to be integrated with all the standard equipment that is needed – ventilation systems, sprinklers etc. This seemingly ‘ordinary’ office has one of the most crowded and complex ceilings anywhere.

The other challenge comes from daylight. Inbo, the designer, has had to introduce an elaborate system of blinds, to make it possible to experience darkness during the daytime and show an entirely artificially lit environment.

It is important to set all this in context, and so the introductory space to the office zone shows a short film on the history of the office. This is projected onto a glass screen 3m wide which has an almost crystalline feel. It is set within a minimalist space – a white floor and white bench – and can be made transparent to offer views into the office space.

View from above, showing meeting rooms and breakout spaces, as well as the open-plan office

Lighting Application Center



A showcase for light


Take a look at our new Lighting Application Center at our headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


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on factory floor

On the factory floor

Visitors go to a car-assembly plant, a warehouse and a food-processing unit.

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Going shopping


Contrasting retail experiences have been cleverly designed to stay fresh.

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