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Luminous 14:
Discussing with light


Lighting application centre goes from dark to light


A black corridor, with reflective light effects, leads visitors to the lighting application centre from the atrium towards a lounge. In contrast, this space is almost entirely light and makes the most of natural light and of views of the surrounding countryside.


The lounge offers a range of different environments for relaxation and shows off a number of different lighting effects


Visitors to the lighting application centre start their experience with a number of visual contrasts. They move from the light-filled cathedral-like space of the atrium into a dark but intriguing corridor. This corridor is about 30m long and the individual themed areas lead off it.

The corridor has a shiny black terrazzo floor that offers a great deal of reflectivity. The exciting lighting effects are all on the ceiling, with panels of illuminated textiles. These will show slowly changing patterns of light that will be picked up in the floor. The aim is simply to create a sense of wonder of adventure, of moving to somewhere new.



At the end of the dark corridor they move into a light-filled lounge and gathering space, with large south-facing windows. It is an L-shaped space containing a number of different zones. The aim is both to offer hospitality and repose to visitors and to demonstrate what light can offer in a hospitality space.

There are three main ‘islands’ within the lounge, each with different lighting solutions. An illuminated textile wall will enable the creation of a number of changing effects. Another wall will be a living green wall, bringing the effect of nature inside.

Much of the furniture has been custom-made to follow the geometry of the space and seating has been designed with slender legs so that it appears to float.

Lighting application centre


Learning by seeing and doing


Two contrasting areas showcase the wonder of light and allow visitors to explore its potential

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on factory floor

On the factory floor


Visitors go to a car-assembly plant, a warehouse and a food-processing unit.



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Working environment

This simulated office has a ceiling crammed with technology



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