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Better light

and 47%

energy savings

Nacka municipality
Nacka, Sweden


Replacing 70 W high-pressure sodium lamps with LEDs not only improved the quality of light - it also reduced energy consumption by almost half.


For a low cost, 
Philips TrueForce

Road provides better light quality and a safer outdoor environment than 70W high-pressure sodium lamps. The installation of the LED bulbs was [also] simple."


- Mikael Jansson, responsible for street lighting in the Nacka municipality.


Customer challenge


Nacka municipality in Sweden wanted to upgrade outdoor lighting in a residential neighborhood. Conscious of costs, the preference was for an investment that only required replacing the actual light sources, rather than having to install new LED luminaires. Reducing both maintenance- and operating costs was also high on the agenda.

The right lighting

TrueForce Road 35W LED lamps were used to replace 70W high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps in a number of existing luminaires. This cost-effective lighting option is the very first LED lamp to directly replace conventional 70W HPS.


According to a representative from the Nacka municipality, the new TrueForce LED lighting provides a white light with much more realistic color rendering than its predecessor. Red looks red, not orange. People’s sense of safety would increase because colors and contrasts are clearer.

There were further benefits. Changing from a 70W HPS lamp to the TrueForce Road 35W LED reduced energy consumption by 47% on a system level. In addition, maintenance costs will be reduced thanks to the significantly longer service lifetime of these new LED bulbs. 


Improved-quality light, drastically reduced energy consumption and very low maintenance costs. What more could you ask of a new installation?

Nacka shows its true colors

The Team

Nacka municipality



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