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World heritage site


City of Bialowieza,



With a CityTouch installation that caters to both its world-famous forest and its residents and tourists, Białowieża is now a lighting pioneer.

City of Bialowieza

When planning this

we had to constantly bear in mind that Białowieża is not just an urban commune, but also our common natural heritage, appreciated even by UNESCO..”


- Grzegorz Kasprowicz, Białowieża Commune Head

City of Bialowieza

Customer Challenge

Owing to its magnificent primeval forest—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—Białowieża municipality is a major tourist draw. As a result, authorities must balance economic and technological development with the preservation of its natural heritage; Białowieża’s street lighting renewal is a perfect example.


The authorities had three objectives:

Preserve a certain amount of dark sky at night to accommodate the forest animals’ circadian rhythms

Illuminate roads and open spaces at night to create a greater sense of safety and cater to residents’ needs and tourist traffic, and improve overall quality of life

Create substantial long-term energy savings

City of Bialowieza

The right lighting

The municipal authorities renewed public lighting with a CityTouch lighting management system across the entire municipality (comprising seven villages), prioritizing roads most used by residents and tourists throughout the year. The system offers easy-to-use web applications to analyze, plan and maintain workflow management, while letting the municipality monitor, manage and measure their connected lighting through the applications. In this project,  Energy consumption is about 77% lower, meaning energy and operating costs have both fallen drastically: savings total approximately PLN 150,000 (over €34,000) per annum. On top of this, Białowieża is enjoying reduced annual energy consumption of KW 315,51 MWh and reduced annual CO2 emissions of 28,081.

Energy consumption is 
about 77% lower

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