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Beek en Donk,

The Netherlands

Sparta’25 is a proud club, but modest in size, so any expenditure needs to be streamlined to create the maximum benefit. It is aware of the budgetary challenges faced by municipalities when it comes to funding for recreational and sports facilities.
Sparta'25 football club with Philips Lighting luminaires

The Philips PerfectPlay system allows us to
keep football 

affordable and feasible and contributes to the longevity of the sport for our team and for future generations.”


- Ms. Brechje Biemans, Club Manager, Sparta’25

Sparta'25 football club with Philips Lighting luminaires

Customer Challenge

Dutch football club, Sparta’25, needed help - but not with results on the pitch. As sustainability is very important for the club they wanted to reduce their energy consumption, that’s why they were very much open to innovations that could help them excel in this field. 
Sparta'25 football club with Philips Lighting luminaires

The right lighting 

Once they learned what a significant role lighting plays, they wanted to invest in the latest innovation and installing Philips PerfectPlay in combination with OptiVision LED floodlights. The advanced system completely fulfilled all their requirements as besides helping them achieve their sustainability objectives, it gave them an easy selection of light levels that suit the best for required sport activity without jeopardizing safety, light quality and comfort.

For the ultimate in flexibility, the settings for individual floodlights on each training pitch can be changed at the touch of a button - on the field or even remotely. Thanks to Philips PerfectPlay, the Sparta’25 staff can make any last-minute lighting changes in a matter of seconds.

Philips PerfectPlay contributes to the efficient running of the club, which frees up more resources to spend in on improving the 1,000+ members of the sports club.

Sparta'25 football club with Philips Lighting luminaires

Adjust light settings quickly and easily

Sparta'25 football club with Philips Lighting luminaires

Save energy, improve sustainability

Sparta'25 football club with Philips Lighting luminaires

Proactive and low maintenance

Sparta'25 football club with Philips Lighting luminaires

An adaptable,
open system


PerfectPlay is a flexible sport lighting system for outdoor and indoor sports facilities that makes creating a great player experience simple.

Making savings by streamlining operations

The team

Football club, Sparta’25




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