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Connected Canopy lighting for  
remote monitoring

and effective maintenance


dk Elektra, Son Son en Breugel


See how our Bluetooth Connected Canopy lighting system is helping dk Elektra to get instant access to luminaire status making asset management easier than ever before.

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Instant reaction to the

through remote check and re-programming helps us to reduce maintenance time and costs to the minimum.”.


- Peter de Kever, Director at dk Elektra

dk Elektra

Customer challenge


A well-lit environment creates a sense of safety and comfort that encourages drivers to pull onto the forecourt to fill up. But the opposite is also true. Malfunctioning lighting systems at unmanned stations with payment at the pump can drive customers away, sometimes permanently. Maintenance companies, therefore, need a system that enables them to detect any faults and wrong settings remotely and notifies them instantly

TinQ petrol station Son en Breugel the Netherlands

The right lighting


Responding to customer needs, we developed a Connected Canopy lighting system. An open Bluetooth communication protocol allows for easy integration of Philips luminaires into dk Elektra remote monitoring and maintenance system. A Bluetooth antenna in the control system communicates with the luminaires. Any data that is exchanged is stored in the cloud and can be accessed via one intuitive dashboard.


Dk Elektra can perform preventive maintenance and daily checks on luminaire status, serviceability, burning hours and energy consumption. If a luminaire malfunctions, the installer receives an instant notification and can react immediately to resolve the problem. Remote checking and re-programming optimizes operations and reduces maintenance costs and downtime. All of which can prevent loss of business due to non-functioning lighting at petrol stations.


The Connected Canopy option is not only available in the latest Mini300 versions, but also for the installed base since 2012. We are ready to connect to your system, your cloud, your dashboard.

Canopy lighting

Bright and clear canopy lighting increases a sense of safety and comfort that can make the difference between “let’s drive on to the next one” to “let’s stop here”.
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Driving new efficiencies with connected canopy lighting

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