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Emmen is an open, green city located in the north of the Netherlands. Tourism and leisure are important sources of income, including the WILDLANDS adventure zoo.
The city of Emmen transformed its urban space, increased the quality of life of citizens, and improved the image of the city using LED lighting from Philips Lighting

The project incorporates
lighting in attractions 

across the city, emphasizing major landmarks such as the Marktplein (Market Square) and the Raadhuisplein (Town Hall Square).”

- Studio DL, responsible for lighting design during the Emmen project

The city of Emmen transformed its urban space, increased the quality of life of citizens, and improved the image of the city using LED lighting from Philips Lighting

Customer Challenge


In order to boost the city’s economy, generate employment and enhance its international role, Emmen City Center Renovation Project included a new lighting concept. One of the key challenges was achieving the transformation in a busy urban area within a very short timeframe. The project also devoted attention to the aesthetic image of the city at night. The idea was to create atmospheric public spaces for residents and visitors that would be more appealing to spend time in, and to give the city center a distinctive appearance at night.


The right lighting


Despite many challenges, the city including four key areas, the Town Hall Square, the Market Square, the Boulevards and the Hondsrug Tunnel, each having its own individual lighting requirements, was transformed in a relatively short space of time. The metamorphosis has turned Emmen into a beautifully cohesive, inviting and accessible city while preserving its green and open character.


Using light to reflect the characteristics and ambience of each area has played a significant role in the project’s success. Today, all light sources in downtown Emmen are controlled by the Interact City lighting management software, providing the city with a great level of control as well as flexibility in terms of scheduling and managing lighting. It is now possible to define dimming profiles for weekends, for summer and winter, and for specific events.  


An economic analysis calculated that the renovation project would generate 4,700 hours of work during the construction and 820 structural jobs after completion. “Clearly, the investment provides a significant boost to the city’s economy,” says Van der Tuin. 


Links and consistency

Lighting creates a cohesive theme for the individual projects.

Visitor accessibility

The lighting guides visitors through the city in a safe and pleasant way.

City identity

Each area retains its own characteristics while contributing to the city’s overall image.

Evening attraction

People now have another reason to visit the city – the lighting is an attraction in itself.

City pride

Residents are proud of their city centre because it is a more attractive place to live.
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Interact City

Interact City connected LED lighting system and management software provides you with a robust infrastructure to improve city services. Improve citizen safety, beautify public spaces, engage with citizens and encourage civic pride.

Renovation Project
for the city of Emmen

The team

Municipality of Emmen


Studio DL

Lighting design

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