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A cafeteria serving,

more than just food

Westnetz in Dortmund,


How Westnetz created a sense of wellbeing in its cafeteria with Soundlight Comfort

Cafeteria at Westnetz in Dortmund, Germany

A wonderful

as an appetizer and a stimulating discussion for dessert. Our cafeteria provides far more than food."


- Heinz Büchel, Work Director, Managing Director of Westnetz GmbH

Employees having lunch at the cafeteria at Westnetz in Dortmund, Germany

Customer Challenge


What do today’s employees expect from a cafeteria? A question that Westnetz GmbH asked itself as soon as it moved into the former Telekom Tower. Westnetz decided that, in addition to the offices, the cafeteria should promote a feeling of wellbeing.

Cafeteria at Westnetz in Dortmund, Germany

The right lighting


A cafeteria should be a room where employees can eat well, but where they could also switch off and relax with co-workers and guests, in a pleasant atmosphere. "We were aware that good lighting and good acoustics are important. Naturally, we want to cut costs. But only in a way that is environmentally friendly and without prejudicing performance”, said Heinz Büchel.


In close collaboration between our team and ceiling manufacturer Ecophon, Soundlight Comfort is installed for the perfect combination of ceiling, acoustics and LED lighting. It provides a modern look, with a high level of visual comfort. Exactly like the atmosphere in a good restaurant.


The Soundlight Comfort panels (120 in total) were installed together with the visible sub-structure over an innovative suspension system in three levels. The design-oriented installation impressed guests and staff alike. "Our cafeteria really succeeds in making lunch breaks an enjoyable experience", said Heinz Büchel.


Soundlight Comfort


A system that softens sounds while simultaneously producing optimal light levels.

40% more

energy efficient

The Team

Westnetz GmhB

Westnetz GmhB

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