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Fit and forget



Newcastle Building Society, UK  


Find out how Newcastle Building Society is welcoming customers with energy efficient LED lighting

Circulation area lit with Philips office lighting

LED technology delivers huge
energy savings,

reduces CO2 consumption and minimises maintenance costs without any compromise on light quality. This enables Newcastle Building Society to achieve a return on their investment within one year.”
Nice working environment with Philips modern lighting for office

Customer challenge


Newcastle Building Society had grand plans for its new flagship branch. The space was being built around cutting-edge technology, and would be fully lit with LED. Could Philips provide a cost-effective solution that was both beautiful and practical?

Energy efficient LED lighting at Newcastle building society office by Philips

The right lighting


LED light was able to meet all requirements. At the heart of the installation was the LuxSpace downlight, which created a welcoming, refreshing ambience. Its compact design also allowed us to maintain a minimalistic modern look within the room.


To add some sparkle to the room, we also introduced the Spot LED III. This energy efficient LED spotlight illuminates work areas, highlights signage, and guides visitors around the store. eW Cove PowerCore was installed to accent alcoves and other tight spaces. The effects create a bright, modern feeling within the store that is pleasing to patrons.


The new lights offer multiple benefits for the Newcastle Building Society. Energy efficient LED technology makes it possible to achieve extremely low power consumption without sacrificing light quality. For example, the Spot III lights consume only 10w, allowing for an 80% energy saving compared with halogen alternatives. The easy-install lights are a true ‘fit and forget’ solution, thanks to their long lifespan, which eliminates the need for regular re-lamping.


Newcastle Building Society is one of the first organizations in the city to have 100% LED lighting. It estimated that as a result of the new lights, its CO2 emissions will be reduce by 6 tonnes per year; the equivalent of 6 hot air balloons!

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