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Orkla Foods, 
Kungshamn, Sweden


A smart, energy-efficient and flexible lighting solution for Orkla Foods with Pacific LED GreenManufacturing saves 74% on energy consumption.

It’s really economical not needing to run new wiring. The installation costs were minimal but the savings have been maximised.

- Jan Persson, Project Manager at Orkla Foods Sverige AB and AH Automation AB

Customer Challenge


Orkla needed a lighting system that wasn’t just energy efficient – it had to withstand the treatment plant conditions. “It was very important that the new system could withstand the environment and had the appropriate IP protection class,” continues Persson. “The plastics in the fixtures had to be very tough, and we couldn’t afford for any brackets to rust.

The right lighting


Orkla decided to invest in the Philips GreenManufacturing system, which offers smart, energy-efficient LED lighting and wireless lighting controls. 30 Pacific LED fixtures with wireless occupancy control were installed in the 480m2 treatment plant. The result was a crisp white light (4000K), which helps create a more comfortable working environment.

The 6 wireless movement-detection sensors have been placed in strategic positions to ensure full movement detection coverage. The wireless sensors detect movement and ‘talk’ to the Pacific LED fixtures and give them a command. “When someone enters the building movement is detected in an area, and the lighting is switched on to 100% output” explains Persson. “And when they leave the area and no movement is detected for 5 minutes the lighting dims to 20% output level. After a further 5 minutes of no movement detection, the lighting switches off completely. We’re saving energy every day because lighting is only being used when it’s needed.”


The new GreenManufacturing lighting system is excellent,” says Persson. “We’ve reduced energy consumption by 74%, which is a huge saving.

  • Pacific LED WT460C
    The Pacific LED IP66 Waterproof is the efficiency champion to replace 1:1 fluorescent waterproof luminaires up to 2 x 80 W, saving up to 60 % on energy costs. The luminaire and its...
    • Up to 60 % energy saving compared with fluorescent waterproof solutions up to 2 x 80 W
    • Designed for extreme temperature conditions ranging from -30 ºC up to +45 ºC
    • Diverse optics including a new optical system for provide comfortable lighting at low ceilings

lower energy consumption

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Orkla Foods Sverige AB


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