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How sustainable lighting

created improved working conditions for TPCA 

Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile, Kolin, cars, factory, manufacturing, Czech Republic, lighting installation

Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Factory
Czech Republic


Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile (TPCA) is a joint venture between the Toyota Motor Corporation and PSA Group. Located in the industrial zone of Kolin in the Czech Republic, automotive production started in 2005. Today, the site is responsible for several models of city car, with the total number of vehicles produced to date exceeding the 3 million mark.

TPCA factory, lighting control, system manager, philips, lighting installation, control, zoning, software

Thanks to the new  lighting control system

we have been able to cut our total lighting energy consumption by one third. And because the new system enables lights to be scheduled per zone, and dimmed during breaks, energy consumption has been reduced by an additional 16%.”


-Petr Čížek, Facility and environmental manager at TPCA

TPCA factory, automobile, customer challenge, philips lighting, gentlespace gen2, lighting installation, case study, luminaries

Customer Challenge


The TPCA factory was using conventional, HID-based fixtures, which consume a lot of energy. The lighting system was almost constantly in use, which proved to be demanding on maintenance services and operations and increased the running costs of the system further. It soon became clear that creating a more sustainable production site should be a priority. By adopting a scalable and energy-efficient lighting solution, TPCA made the first significant step towards a more sustainable production site, one that provides the added benefit of improved working conditions for employees.

The right lighting 


Philips GentleSpace gen2 luminaires met the client’s requirements by delivering energy savings of up to 70%, and a premium quality of light for more than 3,000 employees. Making the TPCA factory more energy-efficient was achieved using a combination of Dynalite control system with System Manager software. 


One of the main advantages of the Dynalite system is its capability to create zone lighting, therefore quickly adjusting lighting levels when required, and also monitor the lighting from any device at any time. 


Because the entire system is specifically designed for industrial high-ceiling applications, offering complete lighting controllability to deliver the best possible illumination, TPCA are now operating with full control of their lighting system and full awareness of their energy usage.

  • GentleSpace gen2
    GentleSpace gen2
    • Extremely favorable total cost of ownership
    • Customizable for high diversity of applications
    • Proven reliability

System Manager

Philips Dynalite System Manager is a multi-user control system management and monitoring software tool. 



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