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Jernhusen saves energy and 

improves worker safety

Västerås Västra train depot

By installing our energy efficient LED lighting in its Västerås Västra train depot in Sweden, Jernhusen has taken a significant step towards fulfilling its environmental objectives by cutting its electricity bill by 88%.
Jernhusen uses Philips Pacific LED luminaires in its Västerås Västra train depot in Sweden.

At Jernhusen
saving energy

is our key objective. By 2030 we aim to reduce our electricity consumption by half compared to 2008."

- Tomas Söderholm, Technical director at Jernhusen

Vestaras train station is illuminated with Philips Pacific led luminaires.

Customer Challenge


The 12-year-old fluorescent lighting in Jernhusen’s train depot in Västerås Västra was approaching its end of life and needed replacing. The lighting was on 24/7, consuming a lot of energy. Because the facility is operational around the clock, stopping production was not an option – the new lighting needed to be installed without disturbing operations.

A pesar de que la tecnología ofrece cada vez más facilidad para
A pesar de que la tecnología ofrece cada vez más facilidad para
Lighting installation in Vestaras central train station by philips lighting

The right lighting


To meet their environmental objectives, the company needed a waterproof, anti-glare and highly energy efficient lighting solution. Jernhusen replaced the existing lighting in Västerås Västra train depot with Philips Pacific LED luminaires. The luminaires have integrated sensors for presence detection. If no presence is detected, the lighting automatically dims to anywhere between 10%-50% of full illumination before eventually turning off. To achieve further savings, the area is divided into four zones that can be controlled independently.


The new lighting also had to improve working conditions and make employees feel safer. Employees at the Västerås Västra depot are delighted with the new lighting installation. They find the depot to be brighter and enjoy the improved visibility.

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    Pacific LED gen4
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A safe and pleasant,
working environment

The team



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