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Changing colors

in a flash

Regardz Meeting Center,
Zwolle, The Netherlands

Find out how LED theatre lighting is helping Regardz Meeting Center create a range of attractive atmospheres.
Philips LED lighting pendants descend from the ceiling of the Regardz Meeting Center

I was particularly

with Philips’ solution-focused approach, and the end result has exceeded all my expectations.”


- Jan de Kooi, Director of Regardz Nieuwe Buitsensociëteit Zwolle

Color-changing Philips LED modules were installed in these "No Fruits" light fixtures at Regardz Meeting Center
Regardz Meeting Center illuminated by Philips LED theater lighting

Customer challenge


Regardz is a top meeting center, catering for conferences, training events, business meetings, work parties, and more. When its striking Theatre Hall room underwent a metamorphosis, it needed lighting that could create a range of atmospheres.

The right lighting 

To give the room a stunning new atmosphere, LED modules were installed in No Fruits light fixtures. While most LED lighting uses RGB colours, these light fixtures were fitted with Philips LED lighting using BRAG configuration, in which Amber (A) has been added to RGB (Red, Green, Blue). This allows a greater range of colors to be displayed.


These flexible fixtures allow operators to create a range of ambiences. “We can give the No Fruits any colour we can think of – they can all be the same colour, or each one can be a different colour”, says director Jan de Kooi. ““You can see that this lighting concept offers us a huge amount of possibilities. A while ago, we illuminated the hall in a vibrant green for a conference of GroenLinks [GreenLeft], and for work parties we can change the hall in a flash to match their corporate colours.”


In addition to the No Fruits colored fixtures, Rotaris LED was added to the ceiling for additional theatre lighting. These leading-edge fixtures create glare-free light that can be adjusted to improve visibility or create a good atmosphere for socializing.


The new lights in the room can now be changed with the flick of a switch. The classic white ornaments on the wall instantly turn the same colour as the ceiling fixtures, creating a unified ambience.

led modules

LED modules

Make spaces sparkle. Bright, color changing LEDs with reliable, energy-efficient performance.

with light

The Team

Regardz Hospitality Group


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Marc de Nijs, Project Support Group BeNeLux

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