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Walters Gardens


Based in Zeeland, Michigan, Walters Gardens is a market leader in the North America perennial industry. In August 2014, Walters Gardens connected with Philips to discuss conducting a winter production trial using LEDs on several perennial cultivars.
Walters Gardens USA

Dianthus and hibiscus 

as much as two weeks faster"


- Jeremy Windemuller, Trial Manager

Walters Gardens USA
Walters Gardens USA

The challenge


As is the case with many greenhouse growers, Walters Gardens is challenged to manage timely winter production of many of their most popular perennial crops including coreopsis, echinacea, heuchera, lavender, sedum, veronica, agastache, gypsophila, leucanthemum. In addition, Walters Gardens was interested in assessing the impact of LEDs on their overall energy and operational costs.

The right lighting


Walters Gardens pursued a trial with Philips GreenPower LED toplighting to evaluate and compare the growth and performance of perennials under LEDs versus high pressure sodium fixtures. A team from Philips, which consisted of a Senior Plant Specialist, and Application Engineer, and a Key Account Manager, collaborated with Walters Gardens to establish a trial using Philips LED toplighting


The Philips team designed of a precise light recipe for the greenhouse trial with a light spectrum of DR/R MB and a targeted light level of 80 micromoles. Under the LED light, the trial produced many favorable results including:


  • Faster finish times with dianthus and hibiscus.
  • Better survival percentage throughout plug tray with agastache, echinacea heuchera, and hibiscus.
  • Faster and better rooting coupled with compact plant growth with gypsophila, leucanthemum, and perovskia.
Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

The LED-based toplighting solution from Philips opens up new opportunities to improve winter production for greenhouse growers of not only perennials but also bedding plants, potted roses, and ornamentals as well as high-wire tomatoes and peppers, and leafy greens including lettuce and herbs. Learn more.

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Crop Times

The Team

Walters Gardens


Fred C. Gloeckner

Philips LED Horti partner

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