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De Vreede Holland
Bleiswijk, The Netherlands


De Vreede Holland is a leading supplier of 9- centimeter Phalaenopsis orchids. Herman and John de Vreede run a high-tech eco-friendly operation that produces nine million plants a year with the ambition to grow even further. It has 12,5 hectares of growth surface spread over 4 locations.

Herman de Vreede, Co-owner De Vreede Holland

More control 
over heat 

and light will help improve our services

to customers.”


- Herman de Vreede, Co-owner De Vreede Holland

De Vreede Holland Bleiswijk, The Netherlands
Herman de Vreede, Co-owner De Vreede Holland

Customer challenge


As part of its drive for sustainability, De Vreede actively explores more efficient and eco-friendly cultivation technologies. In 2016, the company had added a second growing layer in an existing greenhouse to be more flexible in delivering on demand and explore LED grow light options. Orchids are extremely sensitive to temperature, and the low radiant heat produced by LEDs would allow De Vreede to control temperature and lighting more independently for each orchid growing phase.

De Vreede Holland Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

The right lighting


As a result of its lighting research, De Vreede had found a light spectrum that would be most effective for its orchids and was eager to find the best LED match. A Philips GreenPower LED toplighting solution was found that gave De Vreede the best lighting and climate control to stimulate the best possible results during each growing phase of the orchids.

Philips worked with LED Horti Partner Stolze on the installation in 1 hectare of the greenhouse. ‘Our company stands for reliability and professionalism. We grow Phalaenopsis in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.' The choice for a Philips LED solution is an excellent example of this.

Besides the possibility of designing a light combination, something which is not possible with another light source, it gives over 40% energy savings compared to traditional HPS lamps. De Vreede will have more control over the greenhouse temperature because less venting is required with the “cooler” LED fixtures, which will allow him to manage consistent Co2 levels. 

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

GreenPower LED toplighting


A Philips LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.

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Precise climate control
during each growing phase

The team

De Vreede Holland


Horti LED partner
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