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Find out NISA is piloting energy saving initiatives with modern hospital lighting.

LED lighting provides
better visual

comfort for workers and patients, while increasing the feeling of well-being in workplaces.”


- Joaquín Montenegro, Managing Director, Hospitales NISA

Customer Challenge


When the time came to upgrade the lighting in its health centers, NISA sought illumination that would improve its service quality and save energy. As a result, it became the first private hospital group in Spain to use 100% LED lighting,

The right lighting


Founded nearly 50 years ago, Hospitales NISA has strived to improve the quality of health services in the Valencian Community of Eastern Spain. The group now has seven health centers, which were recently upgraded with LED lighting.

"From the very first moment that we decided to change the lighting, we agreed the only choice was LED,” said José Manuel Guillot, infrastructure and maintenance manager. “We wanted lighting that met our requirements of quantity, quality and visual comfort and that offered maximum energy efficiency".

For Philips, the challenge was to create homogeneous lighting that worked in different healthcare situations, while improving energy efficiency. The hospital wanted comfortable environments for patients, relaxed waiting areas for visitors, and task-oriented lighting for healthcare professionals.

There were over 8,000 light points in the centers, which previously incorporated fluorescent tubes, fluorescent lamps, and halogen lamp spots. They were upgraded with CoreLine, CoreView and Master LED lights, immediately improving uniformity and efficiency.

"The results achieved with the LED CoreView panels were particularly amazing," said Guillot. "You might have thought that these panels were specifically designed for hospitals." This is because CoreView Panels fit into existing lighting designs without compromising quality specifications.

 "CoreView generates comfortable and welcoming interiors, which please patients, visitors, and healthcare personnel,” said Rocío Fernández, technical office manager of Philips Lighting Iberia. The panels’ long service life - 70,000 hours - means there’s no maintenance cost over eight years.

In hospitals, lighting typically accounts for 22% of the electricity bill. The new lighting installation at Hospitales NISA is saving 64% on these lighting energy costs, while delivering significant CO2 emission savings over five years. The CO2 savings equate to the same as planting 21,000 trees - a great help for the environment!

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