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Alleviating Anxiety

with light

Altona Children’s hospital, Hamburg, Germany


Find out how hospital lighting is improving comfort in Altona Children’s hospital, Germany.

Colorful and calming environment of Altona Children's Hospital illuminated by Philips lighting

A colorful and
calming environment

really makes all the difference for critically ill children and young people as it helps to alleviate anxiety. This is our reason for avoiding a typical hospital atmosphere. The lighting solution Philips provided helps to create a positive ambience with light and welcoming rooms.”


-Swen Höpfner, Assistant Managing Director, Altona Children’s Hospital (AKK), Hamburg

Altona Children's hospital patient rooms lit by Philips lighting

Customer challenge


When the Bergmannsheil Buer Clinic opened a new 31-bed ward, it sought to make the atmosphere less like a hospital and more like a hotel. The Philips team was ready to help, but creating a pleasant, decorative ambience was only half the challenge. High standards for hygiene and technology had to be met, and the clinic needed outstanding energy efficiency and a quick payback on the investment.

The right lighting

LED lighting was just what the doctor ordered. To provide an economical yet affordable solution, we fitted 128 DayZone luminaires in the patient rooms, parent rooms, residential rooms and reception area. The pleasant, dazzle-free light provides a welcoming and comfortable ambience for staff and patients alike.

For the bathrooms, energy-efficient LuxSpace downlights were used to create a consistent, warm ambience. Background lighting in the hallways and dining areas was supplied by iW Cove Powercore, which provides enjoyable colored lighting effects. The Powercore unit can be adjusted for color temperature and light intensity, enabling staff to further tweak the environment in future.
For the building exterior, we added LED fixtures and recessed spotlights to the façade.


The facility now has a relaxed atmosphere both inside and out. It’s very different to the typical hospital experience; the vibrant colors and refreshing ambience almost make you forget that you are in a hospital.

Because LED technology has been used, the lighting is sustainable and above all inexpensive, due to its low maintenance, minimal energy consumption and long life-span.

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