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Putting energy

waste to bed


Genk, Belgium

Re-energizing sales and reducing costs for bed retailer Sleepy, by using MASTERColour CDM Elite lamps.
Sleepy Genk Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite

My shop 
has become

much more attractive thanks to this lighting, and at the same time I’m saving money and doing good for the environment."


- Bart Meekers, Owner, Sleepy, Genk

Sleepy Genk Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite

Customer challenge

Sleepy is an expert in bedroom technology. Its slogan, ‘life is better in bed’, is reflected in the chains’s range of contemporary beds, mattresses, linen and custom-made wardrobes. At the Genk branch, owner Bart Meekers wanted to supercharge sales and reduce running costs.
Sleepy is an expert in bedroom technology

The right lighting


As a leader in sleep technology, Sleepy understands the importance of light. Bart Meekers, owner of the Genk branch, looked into cutting-edge illumination as a way to reduce his store’s running costs. Philips lighting looked promising. Not only would it boost the image of Sleepy as a sustainable company, but the energy-efficient lighting that produces minimum heat would save on air-conditioning costs.


However, reducing electricity costs was not the only challenge. Meekers also wanted to create the correct ambience in his store with warm, uniform light that would create the right look and feel for Sleepy. The store windows were particularly important: “They create the first impression”, said Meekers. “Because my store is on a busy thoroughfare, I have to be able to attract attention quickly – I need to cut right through the daylight, so that my windows can be seen well from a distance.”


For general illumination the entire showroom (900 m²) was equipped with 35W MASTERColour CDM-T Elite bulbs, which have superior light quality and a very long lifespan. They create a warm, pleasing ambience that encourages customers to take their time in the showroom. To attract extra attention, the store windows were fitted with 70W MASTERColour CDM-T Elite, while the energy-efficient MASTER LED creates a satisfying glow during the night.


The MASTERColour CDM-T Elite lamps have given new life to the store, with sparkling white light and excellent color rendering that brings out the vibrant hues of the bed linen. The lamps provide more light using less energy, and with an impressive 20,000 hour life cycle, they won’t need to be maintained for a very long time.

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sales potential

The Team


Sleepy Genk


Genk, Belgium

Account manager Philips

Wim Roels

Lighting designer

Charlotte Roels, Philips

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