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Sneakers Molo Store
Prague, Czech Rep.

Take a look at how creative lighting design helped the Sneakers Molo store reach its full potential.
Fashion lighting renovation

After changes to the

concept and lighting

were implemented, the footfall, average time spent in the store, and the turnover demonstrably increased. The new lights are additionally much more economical and save thousands of Euros each year.”

- Petr Rada, head of the Molo Lifestyle Concept

Shopwindow lighting
Fashion lighting

Customer Challenge


With the rise of online shopping, The Sneakers Molo store located in the Harfa Shopping Centre, much like many other retailers, struggled with having customers making in-store purchases. The objective of the project was to find new ways to engage with customers and encourage them to complete the buying process in the store.

Fashion lighting

The right lighting


In order to encourage shoppers to make an in-store purchase, retailers first must attract them into the physical store. Sneaker Molo’s display has tennis shoes lined up vertically on the wall, and we use dynamic lighting to create movement – the fundamental essence of footwear. More intensive lights in the rear of the store grabs attention and pulls customers in.


An important element to further enhance the in-store experience is partly dependant on the presentation of colors in items. With this in mind, we chose Philips LED CrispWhite light flavor, as it intensifies the presentation of white and color. Next to CrispWhite, the uniform lighting, ensured by the lighting design, also enhances the in-store experience by creating an optimal environment for trying on shoes.


"Our customers truly enjoy their shopping experience and once they try on the shoes and realize how much they love them, they want to purchase the shoes immediately," says Petr Rada, head of the Molo Lifestyle Concept. "

Store lighting renovation
Store Flux light

Store Flux

High-quality accent lighting which makes store and merchandise look great


By three changich effects creates dynamick movement of shoes in the shopwindow
CoreLine Panel

CoreLine Panel

Diffusion luminaire makes space of the store optically bigger

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