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Creating luxury

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Galeries Lafayette,


Discover how light is creating a sense of luxury in Galeries Lafayette, Paris.

Philips retail lighting create luxurious atmosphere at Galeries Lafayette, Paris

The shop's

is the epicentre of waves undulating across the ceiling, as if the sky were the sea.''
A closer look of the ceiling
Philips retail lighting solutions

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Galeries Lafeyette is a Parisian legend. Starting as a small haberdashery store in 1895, the company has grown to become a world-famous chain of luxury department stores. When the flagship store in Paris wanted to improve its lighting, Philips was bought in to lend a hand.  

Unique lighting solutions for fashion stores by Philips

The right lighting 


The renovation of Galeries Lafayette meant lighting an area of 2000m2 in total. To add a sense of luxury to the store, we installed eW Cover Powercore ceiling light fittings, the majority in warm white 3200K and some in cool white 6500K.


These fixtures create a serene and harmonious atmosphere within the store. In the cupola of the ceiling, light is used to give the effect of waves undulating across the ceiling. The shadows create a fascinating interplay of light and shade, which add to the grandeur and elegance of the shop.


The low energy consumption of each LED fixture will provide significant savings compared to traditional light sources. We were able to link the system directly to the existing 230v grid for easy installation.

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