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Concert Hall,
Bad Salzuflen, Germany


Find out how light is giving a 1960’s concert hall a new lease of life.
Effectively illuminating Concert hall while creating an amazing visual result with Philips ceiling lighting

Renovating the 
concert hall 

and moving to LEDs proves that listed buildings can be cost-efficiently altered to meet contemporary requirements.“


- Rolf Oberweis, Senior Deputy and Head of Works, Bad Salzuflen Council

Works of art are showing off with Philips entertainment lighting
Chandelier in the Concert Hall, Germany with Philips lamps

Customer challenge

When the Bad Salfluzen Concert Hall was given protected status in 2005, it needed a light renovation. Despite being a shining example of 1960’s architecture, its old fixtures were failing to comply with regulations. Could Philips get the lighting up to scratch while preserving the splendour of the venue?
Chandeliers create a luxurious atmosphere with Philips chandelier lighting

The right lighting


The Bad Salzuflen Concert Hall is home to many outstanding performances. With a capacity of over 1,200, it is the largest venue in the local region, and is often used by radio stations to record concerts. With thousands of lights in need of replacement, the venue’s decision makers were seeking an economical solution.


The news about LED was music to their ears. We installed 2,200 LED bulbs in total throughout the hall, ushering in an extravagant and glamorous glow. The ceiling was fitted with MASTER LEDbulb long-life lamps (8 W), which have dazzling durability, leading to long-term savings. For the chandelier lighting, each set of 350 halogen bulbs was replaced with Novallure LED lamps, which generate a shimmering, golden effect. In the foyer, Spot LED lights were used to illuminate a multi-part sculpture on the wall. Being free of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, their LED brilliance is ideal for showing off works of art.


Additional improvements were made to the building exterior. LEDline2 LEDs were connected to the DMX control system, which allow façade fixtures to be linked with the fountain lighting. As a result, integrated lighting effects create a marvellously choreographed display. In the vestibule, dimmable CitySpirit lights create clear visibility for visitors and complement the building architecture. Outside, power-saving DecoScene ground lights bring out the best in the recently planted trees. The finished upgrade unites vintage architecture and modern light innovations in perfect harmony.


The updated lighting system has lowered power consumption by 23,000 kilowatt hours, dropping C02 emissions by 14 tonnes per year. The lights now comply with all regulations, and savings from reduced electricity usage and maintenance total 25,000 euros a year.

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