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Jan van Brabant College, the Netherlands


Find out what happened when Jan van Brabant College trialled SchoolVision technology.

Facade of Jan van Brabant College, which utilizes Philips school light to create differing classroom lighting ambiences

It’s not that

who usually gets a four for mathematics suddenly gets a ten. But as students become more at ease, you can expect to have a better overall learning performance.”


- L. van Genugten, General Manager, Jan van Brabant College

The calm setting at Jan van Brabant College, the Netherlands, lit by Philips school light
Students are interacting well with the Philips SchoolVision energy setting at Jan van Brabant College, the Netherlands

Customer challenge


Founded in 1867, the Jan van Brabant College is a historical home of education. Culture is also a high priority for the school, and this is reflected in its colourful arty interior, which makes good use of light. During renovations, Philips was brought in to enhance the classroom lighting ambience.

The right lighting


Creating an inspiring learning environment is paramount for the college. General Manager and Principal L. van Genugten was looking to light as a means to save energy, as well as helping students. “Learning is easier in an inspiring environment with the right light, of that I was already convinced”, he said. “But there is also an increasing importance on sustainability.”


When the college contacted Philips, we knew it was an excellent opportunity to trial our new SchoolVision technology. We replaced the school’s inefficient fluorescent fixtures with dynamic lighting controlled by SchoolVision. This innovative system enables the light intensity and light colour to be adjusted to suit the activity taking place in the classroom. The teacher can choose from four lighting scenes: ‘Normal’, ‘Energy’, ‘Focus’ or ‘Calm’.


“It’s very nice”, said teacher Renee Harting, “You can tune the light during the lesson to what you prefer. Everyone already has their own favourite scene. It is still the teacher who makes the lesson interesting, but you can have a positive influence on the lesson to encourage a good atmosphere. And the ‘Calm’ scene makes the atmosphere noticeably quieter; without it we all relax far more slowly. “


The Jan van Brabant College was the first secondary school in the Netherlands to try SchoolVision. Not only has the system improved the learning environment, but the ground-breaking lighting is also helping to reduce energy consumption.



Improve learning with light. This energy-efficient school lighting system has proven benefits for students.

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