Bringing industrial heritage

to the modern age

Triple Double
Eindhoven,The Netherlands


See how LED lighting can create proud and energy-efficient industrial heritage.

We have been able to
retain the industrial look,

but furnish it with the latest, energy-smart lighting technology."


- Bob van Oosterhout, Director Triple Double

Bob van Oosterhout, Director Triple Double

Customer Challenge


To make the building visually appealing from the outside, Van Oosterhout and Westra looked for a striking addition to attract attention. In close collaboration with Philips, they installed an LED wall at the front of the building.

The right lighting


Vertically stretched LED strings were mounted on the recessed strips of the sheet pile wall. A matrix of more than 7,000 iColor Flex LEDs produces impressive images that are visible from far away.


The editing and control of the animations on the LED wall are taken care of by Living Projects. All tenants can use this wall for promoting their activities, providing they have an association with sport.


In the evening, the rectangular roof construction also attracts attention. The changing colors of the Philips Vaya Linear LED strips turn the building into a dynamic landmark from every angle.

iColor Flex LMX

An exible strand of large, high-intensity, full-color LED nodes designed for extraordinary effects.

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Vaya Linear LED strips

Create a reliable and cost effective LED lighting fixture designed for fixed or dynamic colorful lighting effects.

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Making a difference in sport marketing

The Team

Triple Double

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