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Working in Sales  at Philips Lighting

Exciting prospects


by Wibawa Jati Kusuma
Head of Sales - Professional Lighting Key Account & Public Segment at Philips Lighting in Indonesia


As Head of Sales – Professional Lighting Key Account & Public Segment, I lead the team of eight people responsible for Professional Lighting projects for the public segment in Indonesia. We have direct contact with our customers. My topline objective is to build relationships with public segment customers, from advising them on the best solution available to suit their situation, to delivery of the solutions according to their strict timelines.


From the beginning of my career at Philips Lighting in 2013, I knew I wanted to engage in challenging projects. I’d rather have a difficult assignment that is meaningful to the company, and where I can stand out and inspire others – I enjoy a challenge! Our lighting solutions are innovative and different – they are the future. That means we don’t have benchmarks to guide us – we’re setting the parameters ourselves. That’s an exciting prospect. 


Challenging parameters

One of my greatest challenges is to inspire teams and the key people involved in projects – from city governors to local operation managers, as well as the people we collaborate with. It takes knowledge – and confidence! – to have faith in a new strategy, because we’re leading the industry with a radically different approach, globally. People have to come to grips with an entirely new business model. It’s important to see how what we’re selling will actually help our customers – not only with better, beautiful lighting, but lower energy expenditure and smart city asset management resulting in lower costs and improved public services.


In the end, it’s not just about products and profit, it’s about putting our hearts into it, so that everyone understands the concept, and our customers accept us as a trusted business partner. My motto is: if you believe in what you’re doing, you will be successful.


Turning Jakarta into a smart city

Over the past several years – all of our projects need a commitment of between two to five years – we have been managing and working on a massive project for city street lighting. There are three major parts of our solution architecture: the LED luminaires retrofit on the streets, the CityTouch* software application that manages the street lighting operation remotely, and the connectivity services that connect the luminaire with the software over internet. The project involves nearly 90,000 luminaires. By the end of this year, the complete CityTouch street lighting system will be ready to illuminate Jakarta. It’s a huge project, and we’re very proud of this milestone achievement.


Of course, we’ll continue to provide support services to this customer, and we have already started designing and building other projects. I see many opportunities for market growth, here in Indonesia – and in neighboring countries. Now that people can see what a difference CityTouch makes, they’ll be enlightened! When they know it works, they will share our passion for lighting beyond illumination.


If you are interested to read more about how Philips Lighting implemented one of the world’s largest connected street lighting systems in Jakarta, please click here

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Selling end-to-end systems & services enables us to make a significantly greater impact that improves people’s lives. Our systems improve the entire city’s performance. We’re serving the public sector, and helping them serve the people – all of the people in the city. That’s what inspires me."


Wibawa Jati Kusuma

Head of Sales - Professional Lighting Key Account & Public Segment, Indonesia