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Inspired by Global Collaboration

Creating life-changing environments
by Cindy Malinchak, Key Account Manager, Professional End User Sales, Greater NY City Area


As a successful independent consultant for municipal projects in the northeast of the US, my vision was always to implement solutions for a better environment. That's why I joined Philips Lighting. What better opportunity to be at the cutting edge of emerging technologies than to be part of a global thought-leader with exciting potential?

Where entrepreneurial success meets industry-wide thought leadership 

I was hired by Philips Lighting in 2015 as the Northeast Regional Manager and lead consultant for the Public Sector. With a background in sustainable design and green technologies, I ran my own construction and energy firm in New York City for eleven years. I've always been proud of being able to hold my own in a traditionally male-dominated environment—in fact, I was voted one of the Top 25 women entrepreneurs in New Jersey for two years in a row! Since my own company was a relatively small business with an annual turnover of no more than US$15M however, there was a limit to the scale of projects that I could take on.


Large-scale change

It was winning the Harbor Lights Project for New York City* that helped me realize my vision of being a part of a large-scale iconic project. I was very impressed by the vision that Philips Lighting had for the future and it overlapped well with my own desire to contribute to the future of lighting technologies. By becoming a member of the end-user team, I am now involved in the largest project in the history of the company to date. It's a spectacular multi-million dollar municipal project commissioned by the Governor of New York, of which we're supplying US$65M in products and systems for the nine bridges and four tunnels surrounding the city.


Freedom to advance

I'm at a time in my career when I'm experiencing my second career birth. With Philips I am able to explore my capabilities in my chosen field and now feel as though there is no limit to what I can work to achieve. I love being out there in the marketplace, and I also have time to wind down, working in my garden, reading and enjoying the outdoors. I gave up TV years ago. I like having the freedom now to continue to advance my knowledge and expertise in lighting consultancy. That's a great thing about Philips Lighting; they have so many great online courses. And the Philips Lighting University in Somerset, New Jersey provides lots of opportunities to participate in advanced trainings to make sure we continue to be positioned as a thought-leader in the industry.

Thought leadership

Green technologies are key: conversion to LED lighting is based on the desire for energy efficiency, and my previous years of experience with this are helpful in discussions with potential new end-users.


I think people need to see light as more than just a function. Especially in the educational sector, lighting is an exciting topic. When a teacher or instructor knows they can improve the learning environment - well, you can't put a price on that. Studies show that the right use of lighting can bring about a 15% improvement in cognitive abilities. Especially for children with special needs, that 15% could make the difference between a life in institutions, or living independently. That's the kind of major impact on lives that lighting can have. 

I’d never have guessed five years ago that I would be working at Philips Lighting now!  In terms of my goals for the future, my mind is open. That's my goal for the future: to be better tomorrow than I am today, and continually moving forward."

Cindy Malinchak,

Key Account Manager, Professional End User Sales, Greater NY City Area

Cindy Malinchak, Key Account Manager, Professional End User Sales, 	Greater NY City Area