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Giving cities total

control over their

lighting systems

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Inspiring city lighting installations in Uppsala


By Tommy Törnqvist,
Key Account Manager, Architects & Specifiers, Philips Lighting Nordics


I’ve been with Philips Lighting since early 2013. We’re really leading the technology in connected lighting, and it’s wonderful to see how the results of this technology really benefit people’s everyday lives. I’m delighted about our cooperation with the local community. It was very rewarding to work with my colleagues and the Bjerking lighting consultants on the project to ‘Light up the Dark’ in Uppsala during the long Swedish winters.


Giving cities total control over their lighting systems

As Key Account Manager for Architects & Specifiers at Philips Lighting Nordics, I need to know exactly what lighting solutions we can offer to meet different challenges. We really are leaders when it comes to connected lighting, so it was exciting to work with the city of Uppsala. They had an ambitious project, wanting to create an inviting atmosphere and increase live-ability in the city. But safety and keeping control over costs, as well as reducing energy consumption, were also critical issues. And that’s really the future for every city. Happily, the future is already here with CityTouch! Working with our in-house team and Bjerking, the local design company, I was able to help the city make the right choices, and keep total control over their lighting project. We proposed luminers that could be regulated to reduced output when less light was needed, so they could save 80% of the energy. LED lights are very energy efficient, so we used in-ground uplights to create effect lighting in the trees, and higher posts with LED luminaires with a glare shield, in the children’s playground. We also used a Gobo projector for a special effect on the ground.


It certainly seems to have worked! Later reports showed the impact on children in Uppsala, who use the playground more frequently and for longer now, even in the dark days of winter. I’m truly proud to be part of projects like this.


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Light up the dark: CityTouch



Consumer insights help us to understand the consumer needs and from these deep insights we discovered that consumers want an easy way to create their own ambiance at home and also to be fully in control with it. "


                                           Tommy Törnqvist

Key Account Manager, Architects & Specifiers, Philips Lighting Nordics