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Applying sophisticated
Lighting Solutions to
help maximize Lighting efficiency

How Sandra helps introduce new lighting innovations where they are needed most


With over 20 years’ experience in Japan, China and Singapore - and project experience even further afield than that around ASEAN, you could say that Sandra Teh is an expert in the Asian markets. It’s that in-depth, first-hand experience that has instilled the passion she now has for helping these markets. Applying sophisticated Lighting Solutions to help maximize Lighting efficiency, reduce waste and make things better – making a positive impact one home at a time. One business at a time. One city at a time.


With a focus on Brand & Marketing strategy and implementation, Sandra helps introduce new products and lighting innovations where they are needed most.  To do this, she is constantly studying and listening to customers, identifying and meeting their needs, and delivering innovation that really matters.


Key on that agenda, and something gathering a lot of local interest lately, is the topic of light pollution. This attention, Sandra says, has echoed the work of Philips Lighting in ensuring light is used meaningfully and non-excessively. “Over a billion people currently have no access to reliable light, apart from sunlight”, she says. “We need to get light to where it’s needed most, but also balance that with ensuring lighting solutions in more developed areas work in total harmony with dark skies. This is something I am personally involved in, and something I am immensely proud of”. An example of this is the Philips Lighting initiative to ensure street lights in Asia’s most densely populated cities have 100% full cut off from horizontal level downwards. This means that those same cities stay safe, and light wastage is kept an absolute minimum.


With a leading position in Connected Lighting, Sandra believes Philips is well placed to capitalize on the ever-increasing market that is the “Internet of Things”. “The world needs to get smarter about how it uses electricity”, she says.” With 20% of the total global electricity use being attributed to Lighting, we can make a genuine and positive difference to the way the world consumes energy in the years to come, through our advanced LED and connected lighting solutions. It’s that level of innovation that fits so well into the IOT”.


Sandra, her team, and her colleagues all live and breathe the concept of taking light beyond illumination. To them, that means making light work for people. Delivering solutions that improve people’s lives and genuinely make the world a better place to live, work and play.

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Light systems have to work in complete harmony with dark skies to eliminate light pollution in urban areas. Finding that balance is something that I am immensely proud to say I work on.”


Sandra Teh

Marketing Manager, Philips Lighting Singapore